Getting that shot

Getting that shot

February 17, 2019

I've shot a lot of maternity sessions over the years and they are all so different to one another. It's an incredibly special time for couples. It's all about the baby and the love they share. My style is and has always been very "natural." I know what I am looking for and with a little direction I'm able to give them something they'll cherish forever.

I know that as a professional portrait photographer my clients normally expect results and a level of competence that is above and beyond everyone else they know, otherwise they would be using the friend next door or their uncle or someone else and not me.

It surprises me just how many times after I do these beach portrait shoots they say "Mate, I'll be surprised if you got one decent shot" and yet, when they finally see the pictures they are just stunned by how many great shots they end up with.

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