Photographer Peter Stagg

Peter is a partner and the principal photographer at Beach Portraits. He was born into a media family. His father worked for a newspaper and his mother for a radio station. 

Early in life, he was introduced to the art of "people photography" by his father and by the time he was ten his closest and most loyal friend was his 35mm SLR camera & 50mm lens.

At 21 his passion for photography led him to Paris where he gained advice from booking agents and photographers at some of the worlds leading model agencies.



In the mid 90's he met his wife Rachael, a make-up artist and hair stylist and the couple worked in Sydney together.

Peter and Rachael married in '99 and as their family grew they decided to leave the high density living behind for a more sensible pace of life to raise their young family.

In 2012, Peter commenced a diploma in Screen & Media at the Queensland School of Film and Television and has since received several awards which have opened new opportunities as a cinematographer and filmmaker. 

Peter has directed and shot international hip hop music videos, short films, documentaries, television commercials and worked in the camera department on all kinds of film sets.

To maintain his fitness and high energy levels Peter swims competitively and trains most days with a swim squad. In 2018 he competed in his 2nd Pan Pacific Masters Games.

His photographic work is now exhibited in thousands of homes across the country and around the world. He has a vast knowledge in all areas of photography and cinematography including corporate, commercial, fashion, models folios and weddings.

"We use only the best high end camera equipment and lenses with the finest glass and latest image stabilization technology to ensure our clients pictures get the attention they deserve".