What do we wear?
You don't have to be dressed in matching clothing for your photo shoot. Often coordinated is better with variants of blue, green, pastels, lighter colours, block colours, denims, khaki or washed out colours, cotton, collared shirts and dresses are all great choices.
What happens if it's raining?
If it is raining on the day of your outdoor location photo shoot, we will be in contact with you to work out alternative locations or dates if the photo shoot needs to be moved. We won't cancel on the morning of your photo shoot as the weather can often clear up by lunchtime to a beautiful and clear afternoon. Of course this will depend on what time of day your photo shoot is booked for.
Can I move my shoot date?
We prefer at least two weeks notice if you need to move your photo shoot as this leaves a hole in our bookings which could have been utilized by someone else. It is often difficult to refill your session time at the last minute so it's best if you can give us as much notice as possible if you need to move your shoot.
What clothing should we avoid?
Try to avoid clothing with bold art-prints, graphic designs or logos as well as shiny material and fine stripes. Plain simple clothing in classic styles are best.
Are travel costs included?
If your photo shoot is on location in South East Queensland or Northern NSW, then your photo shoot includes the photographers travel fees. If you are outside of this location please get in touch and let us know where you would like us to travel to and we will send you an quote.
How many people can be included?
Children's photo shoots can include all the children in a family group (ie. siblings, cousins, teenagers). Family photo shoots can include the whole extended family and even the fur babies too. Often our generational portrait shoots include groups of 20 or more people.
What should we bring?
All you will need is yourselves and a willingness to have a bit of fun. It is best to leave prams & handbags in the car (out of sight) as these items are a distraction on your shoot. If you need to bring any valuables with you such as mobile phones, sunglasses etc Peter has a large secure camera bag to store these in during your shoot.